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Head into the forest with our autumn forest search!

Autumn has now taken over, so it’s the perfect time for heading into the woods. Need a little inspiration on what to do once you’re there? Well then take a look at this tip: a true autumn forest search! Scavenger hunts are always a hit with children. And hey, every idea to get them outside and moving is welcome, right?

Your children can get totally into the game, and in the meantime, they can discover the forest by searching and learn a thing or two while they’re at it. And apart from the little ones, we are quite sure it will be approved by all ages.

How does it work? Very simply, you'll find everything you need below. Take the game sheet below with you to the forest, give it to your little one and tell them to find everything on the sheet. The first one who can tick off all the items on the sheet wins!


Forest search


Who’s with us? Put on those hiking shoes and let’s go, into the woods!





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